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Every day is different. Some are dramatically different, others not so much. The personal day number indicates what the tone of the day will be. When the tone is .
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Personal year number 4 - meaning : the year of both working and emotional stability.

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Possibility to start new projects, new initiatives to reset. Know leverage on past mistakes not to commit to others later. Do not waste your energy unnecessarily. You're almost halfway through the ride numerological and you can not go back. Be careful not to fall into depression and anxiety, I recommend you react. Likely to decide to buy a property. Personal year number 5 - meaning : is the year where the person can relax devoted to entertainment, to hobbies, to his children, cinema and art. Positive outputs mundane that can bring new loves, new friends and also useful knowledge to work.

Excellent relationship with any children or children who get success.

Use Numerology to find your Personal Day number.

In short you will really want to live, to go out, to be with others but do not forget the commitments, projects for which you are struggling, do not be distracted in fact. Possible wins the game.

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Personal year number 6 - meaning : in this year you have some valid colleagues at your side. You could hire an employee who will prove to be a good worker reliable and serious. The daily work steals all your energy but gives you satisfaction and you can not be unhappy. Try to do sports and to treat your health condition that may require attention.

Personal year number 7 - meaning : you will have a mad desire to be with others, to have someone at your side always, it is your colleague, your love partner or a friend. Exit and you are not alone, you move away from the concept of loneliness. You might meet a person who will make your heart beat and you may even decide to get married or move in together. Possible disputes with colleagues or business associates.

Personal year number 8 - meaning : year to devote to family matters, inheritances, to payments, pensions. In short it is a year when you could have a huge profit without you making anything or you could spend the money to buy a house asking for a mortgage or loan or to heal a debt. Possible big wins the game but woe to make big bets, betting the minimum. Strange ideas about death will fill the mind. Personal year number 9 - meaning : you finally came in the final year of the cycle that started with the number 1.

You can now think of the new cycle that opens in front of you and begin to have new ideas, ask yourself new targets. But in the meantime enjoy the results. If something has gone wrong in the past, unfortunately, the 9 year will be the year in which the amounts will pull in a negative way. But the fault is yours alone. Personal month number 1 - meaning : suitable month to start new routes. Think of something new and get to it to put it all into practice. There shines forth new ideas in my head.

Using Numerology To Pick The Best Colors For You | The Tao of Dana

Trust your intuition. Personal month number 2 - meaning : month dedicated to the gains but also to overspending. Perhaps the proposal of a working collaboration will get there and you should accept it before but to properly examine for good. Personal month number 3 - meaning : a month in which your ideas can find projects outlets lucky. Positive news coming in by phone, mail or email. Travel and short journeys by car, motorcycle, train favorites. Personal month number 4 - meaning : love it as much as possible to stay in your home environment.

You'll love the warmth of your family and seek the affection of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

Every path has primary and secondary influences

Job stability and practicality in carrying out the projects. Personal month number 5 - meaning : good month for fun. Exit, go to the theater or cinema, you start playing a ostrumento, go shopping but keep an eye on your wallet. Satisfaction from their children.

Probable small winnings in the game but always betting the minimum. Personal month number 6 - meaning : the daily work this month goes well and if you have any colleagues or employees, they will be well disposed towards you.

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  • Attention to the best interpretation of physical symptoms that could indicate some health problems. But this month you will have better care of your body. Personal month number 7 - meaning : favorable month for meetings especially love. You might even think of going to live or to get married with your love partner. Good collaborations with other people but weighed everything and careful members cheating. In this month you will love being with others and do not reject proposals then exit.

    Personal month number 8 - meaning : issues related to inheritance, pensions, expenses you did not expect, dark thoughts about death. You will have developed a sixth sense, and you could even hit the winning numbers but played little ok? Personal month number 9 - meaning : This month, if you have sown good in past ones, and you will live a sense of well-being, bliss, you will feel you have achieved the objectives.


    If not you will pay the consequences. You round it up as nothing is higher then a 9 as Sylvia has said this a number of times. Hope that helps some and everyone understands it more. Have a nice weekend. Add up all the numbers. In your example the answer is Adding 5 plus 4 equals 9 so your personal day number is 9. I hope this helps. Now how do I reduce that? I did not find anything written for these numbers Thank you very much, Ellen. My daily number would boil down to an Eleven using my birthdate of Nov.

    Thanking you in advance, Whispering Winds.

    Using Numerology to Find Your Personal Day Color

    By Christopher, Tuesday, December 09, PM My question is simillar to those already asked, which is what about numbers that total higher than 9? So how does one calculate the numbers above 9 to determine one's personal day number? And how do you boil them down to get your? Add the total together. For Entertainment Purposes Only. Live Psychics Available Now!

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